Movie Diary 12/10/2008

Save Me (Robert Cary, 2007). Serious account of a religious “gay rehab” unit, amazingly non-hysterical. (full review 12/19)

bellboy2But really, the big news is that the Oscar ceremony will include a Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, and that it’s going to Jerry Lewis, for the telethon stuff. Now, for the last few years, whenever anyone would ask me who should get an honorary Oscar (which nobody actually asked me, but I do have these conversations in my head), I would always say, “Jerry Lewis.” Even if you don’t think Lewis is funny, consider the track record: movie career sustained for almost 60 years (it’s been spotty lately, but still), a period of impressive box-office muscle that lasted longer than most comic stars can manage, large collection of writing and directing credits, general respect as a technical innovator. They’ve given honorary Oscars for much less.

The only thing that bugs me is it’s the Hersholt. That makes it sound like he’s still not quite Oscar-worthy, as though making The Bellboy and The Ladies Man wasn’t enough, he had to raise money for charity too. I mean, George Jessel won the Hersholt. But there’s still time.