Movie Diary 12/29/2008

Railroaded! (Anthony Mann, 1947). Not as good as Mann’s T-Men or Raw Deal, but this is definitely a worthwhile noir (and demonstrates that Mann had a great eye for noir even without John Alton as cinematographer). The slightly weirdo cast includes John Ireland, a couple of refugees from Val Lewton pictures (Hugh Beaumont, Jane Randolph), and the peculiar Sheila Ryan, who was married in real life to Pat Buttram.

Wall-E (Andrew Stanton, 2008). I missed it when it opened, and coming late to this charming fable in the wake of great accolades is perhaps a little unfair — it’s not the best movie of the  year, but it is a spirited piece of storytelling and an amazing technical blend of animation with a live-action way of seeing.