Movie Diary 1/28/2009

Coraline (Henry Selick, 2009). The Nightmare Before Christmas director is on his own: no Tim Burton in the title, and no Danny Elfman on the soundtrack — composer Bruno Coulais does some interesting stuff. (full review 2/6)

The Uninvited (Charles and Thomas Guard, 2009). A remake of the Korean Tale of Two Sisters, which was a pretty nice little outing. This one does try to be restrained. (full review 1/30)

His Name was Jason (Daniel Farrands, 2009). I watched this for an Amazon job. Having already dealt with the Friday the 13th series in a previous box set (here), I seem to be the go-to guy to review these movies, which are uniformly awful (although — via some strange alchemy — they physically look a little better thanks to the slickness of DVD than they ever did on a movie screen, where their cruddiness was writ large). This 30th-anniversary documentary details the Jasoniad with an exhaustiveness that is, well, exhausting.