Movie Diary 2/24/2009

The Brothers Bloom (Rian Johnson, 2008). Whatever else you think of it, this is a logical way for the guy who made Brick to follow up.

threeonmatch4Three on a Match (Mervyn LeRoy, 1932). Childhood friends Ann Dvorak, Joan Blondell, and Bette Davis go through about three hours’ worth of melodrama in this film’s 63 minutes, including some racy pre-Code allusions to cocaine use and what appears to be a variation on the Lindbergh kidnapping case. Dvorak and Davis look under-rehearsed, but Joan Blondell is right on the money. Early Bogart and Edward Arnold (plucking nose hairs in close-up) too.

Female (Michael Curtiz, 1933). For most of its hour-long running time this is a funny and stylish comedy about a woman (Ruth Chatterton, excellent) running an automobile company and reversing the usual sexual roles with her male underlings. It’s a letdown when she has to bow to tradition.

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