Movie Diary 3/11/2009

Race to Witch Mountain (Andy Fickman, 2009). In the opening credits, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton are seen acknowledging the presence of aliens on the planet, an alternate-history gambit that maybe doesn’t rival Watchmen but at least doesn’t take as damn long. Also, this movie might have the most mind-boggling allusion to the Patriot Act yet. (full review 3/13)

Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 (Kevin Rafferty, 2008). Football, a great game, gets its own When We Were Kings. As good as the story is, this is one of the barest-boned documentaries ever: nothing but talking-head interviews and original broadcast footage of the 1968 Harvard-Yale game. (full review 3/20)

My Man Godfrey (Gregory LaCava, 1936). Watched the Criterion edition, a great print for a movie that barely pauses its forward momentum. Like so many Depression-era studio films, its relevance is all too fresh these days.