Movie Diary 3/30/2009

Shall We Kiss? (Emmanuel Moret, 2007). Say what you want — this is one French film. And sometimes that’s enough. (full review 4/24)

The Black Balloon (Elissa Down, 2008). Down Under with an autistic older brother (Luke Ford, the kid from the last Mummy movie) and Toni Collette. (full review 4/3)

Tokyo! (Gondry/Carax/Bong, 2008). Three stories from surreally-minded directors. Most notably, this is the first movie directing Leos Carax has done since the 1999 Pola X, which is a welcome sign. His segment comes on in roaring form, with customary leading man Denis Lavant emerging from a Tokyo sewer and strolling along a sidewalk bent for mayhem. (full review 4/3)

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