Movie Diary 3/31/2009

mposter2 M (Fritz Lang, 1931). What a way to round off a three-month program at the Frye Art Museum — with one of my favorite movies. Thanks to "Film Odyssey," a PBS showcase for foreign films back in the 1970s (hosted by Charles Champlin), this has been near the top of my personal list for decades. And it hasn’t lost a step.

Absurdistan (Veit Helmer, 2008). A lot of whimsy goes a long, long way — but what a cast of actors. It’s as though Borat had never happened. (full review 4/10)

Hunger (Steve McQueen, 2008). An art movie, and a respectable one at that. If nothing else, this movie reminds us that two people sitting in a room, seen at middle distance, can be enthrallingly cinematic. (full review 4/10)