Movie Diary 4/22/2009

picsnatcherThe Informers (Gregor Jordan, 2009). A collection of Bret Easton Ellis 1980s tropes, played straight, incredibly. Big stellar cast, out of whom emerges the late Brad Renfro, giving an anxious, rabbity performance that easily outclasses the other zombies. (full 4/24)

The Picture Snatcher (Lloyd Bacon, 1933). James Cagney tears through this snappy pre-Code yarn about an ex-con who goes straight by landing a job on New York’s trashiest tabloid.  Lots of cheeky stuff, and among the great Cagney moments is him dictating the account of a woman going to the electric chair, which is instantly turned into more acceptable prose by office-mate (and romantic hopeful, although “romantic” isn’t the right word) Alice White.