Movie Diary 5/4/2009

Operation Crossbow (Michael Anderson, 1965). WWII “mission” movie, enjoyable and with decent moments throughout — but the most striking thing is its willingness to sacrifice its main characters. Top-billed Sophia Loren is in it for a half-hour (hubby Carlo Ponti produced); George Peppard, Jeremy Kemp and Tom Courtenay are in on the mission.

Outrage (Kirby Dick, 2009). The kind of documentary made somewhat anticlimactic by The Daily Show and Countdown, but still enjoyable for its parade of hypocrites.

Star Trek (J.J. Abrams, 2009). Paramount has sent out a notice to the press saying that if people review it before opening, the offenders will suffer dire consequences. That’s fine; I have no intention of spoiling the Shatner cameo. (full review 5/7)