Movie Diary 5/19/2009

Food Inc. (Robert Kenner, 2009). Upton Sinclair would approve of this muckraking documentary, which might not contain much that’s new but certainly organizes the goods in a swift, sinewy way. And the chickens do not have sharp talons.

Night in the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian (Shawn Levy, 2009). This time two monkeys slap Ben Stiller in the face, plus there’s some prime Hank Azaria riffing. (full review 5/22)

Bluebeard (Catherine Breillat, 2009). Not as forceful as Breillat’s previous costume outing, The Last Mistress, but still an odd variation on the fairy tale. The massive Dominique Thomas is a physical marvel in the title role. (plays in the Seattle International Film Festival on 5/24 and 5/27)

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