Movie Diary 7/27/2009

The Long Night (Anatole Litvak, 1947). Hollywood remake of Le jour se leve, with a few all-grown-up situations and good performances by Henry Fonda and Ann Dvorak. Just by coincidence, also watched a film by the director of Le jour. Port of Shadows (Marcel Carne, 1938): Heavily stylized noir mood, lotsa fatalism and gestures, easy on the eyes.

Herb and Dorothy (Megumi Sasaki, 2008). This plays for three days only at the Northwest Film Forum this weekend, but well worth a look. The Vogels accrued an enormous collection of contemporary art thanks to a good eye and great passion for the subject; they were aided by their vast personal fortune (Herb was a postal worker; Dorothy a librarian). Kidding about the money: this is a nice lesson in not needing the big bucks to put something good on the wall. The film affords a close look at many of the Vogels’ now-pricey artworks, as well as their modest, cramped New York apartment.