Movie Diary 9/15/2009

Love Happens (Brandon Camp, 2009). Just one evening screening today, after a day of writing. Watched the cat kill a fly in my office, an amazing testament to the focus of a one-eyed animal (the cat, not the fly). While making lunch I listened to Help! on CD, wondering if I could hear any reason I should invest in the remasters, and it sounded technically lousy on my lousy system, which doesn’t really decide the issue either way, although it was nice to hear “I Need You” and “The Night Before” and everything else on the album, as always. Made a port wine sauce for some mushrooms – this was dinner now, not lunch – stirred up in the soppings from turkey burgers fried in the same pan, and the result was really very tasty. Now I have my window open on a warm evening and somebody is smoking, so the smoke is curling into my window in an apartment below, which takes away from a nice night outside. Trying to write a review of Love Happens, which I saw between the mushrooms and the cigarette smoke, and have From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah playing because I don’t want to hear the smoker talking. Sometimes there’s not really much to say about a movie, except to call it out. (full review 9/18)