Movie Diary 11/4/2009

Araya (Margot Benacerraf, 1959). A movie that won the International Critics Prize at Cannes (shared with Hiroshima, Mon Amour) and then was barely heard from again, now gorgeously restored by Milestone Films. It’s an eye-filler, with a spellbinding docu-subject: harvesting salt from a briny marsh on the Venezuela coast. (full review 11/13)

The Blind Side (John Lee Hancock, 2009). Well, it’s better than the trailer. (full review 11/20)


One Response

  1. I saw an advanced screening of “The Blind Side” and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I really liked it!
    From the trailers, I was wary that it might be a sappy and cheesy movie, but rather I found it to be well done, and with realistic human interactions. All the actors performed well; and I was pleasantly surprised by Sandra Bullock’s excellent performance here. (It reminds me of Sally Field’s performance in “Places of the Heart”.) In my opinion, I hope Bullock gets nominated for Best Actress at this year’s Ocars. (I don’t know if she will ultimately win; but worthy of the nomination, at least.) Also, fun to watch Tim McGraw act – he’s good, too!

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