Movie Diary 11/10/2009

2012 (Roland Emmerich, 2009). Can’t review the movie before it opens, of course; that would be illegal. But I can say that my weakness for the cinema of Roland Emmerich will not be cured here. (Main problem with 10,000 BC, in retrospect: no big buildings to demolish.) Liking this gasser of a movie wasn’t easy at first, because this screening was one of those where (despite the audience consisting of invited press only) everybody gets “wanded” on their way into the theater, as though we were getting on an airplane and rumors of a terrorist had gotten out. Cell phones must be handed over to security guards for the duration, including archaic phones like mine, which don’t actually take pictures or capture video. Usually I lie and say I don’t have a cell phone, but this time it was pretty obvious because the security guards were searching my bag. Next time I’ll lie about it. This would be irritating if it were a fact that press screenings were the source of video pirating; but they are not the source of video pirating. So it’s infuriating.