Movie Diary 1/14/2010

The Book of Eli (The Hughes Brothers, 2010). It doesn’t sound too good in synopsis, and some of the ideas are pure hokum, but this is not bad. A lot of the action is even comprehensible, which is saying something in this middle-Transformers era we’re living in. (full review 1/15)

Wonderful World (Josh Goldin, 2009). Matthew Broderick as a Ferris Bueller gone to seed, moping around until his comatose roommate’s sister (Sanaa Lathan) comes from Africa. Much more normal than that sounds; if you like the two actors, this is also not bad.

A Town Called Panic (Stephane Aubier and Vincent Patar, 2009). Weird, giddy stop-motion daftness, from Belgium’s version of the South Park guys. This is an awesome movie. (full review 1/22)

The Marriage Circle (Ernst Lubitsch, 1924). Totally sure-handed situation comedy, with especially deft expressions and gestures from the cast. Fine opening: a close-up of a hole in a sock, and Adolphe Menjou pausing for a long, long beat.