Movie Diary 1/19/2010

The Tooth Fairy (Michael Lembeck, 2010). It’s one of those days. On the one hand, a kid movie with The Rock as a hockey player forced to serve as a Tooth Fairy, on the other hand, Michael Haneke’s award-winning study of ambiguity and suspicion in a small European town before World War I. This one, the Tooth Fairy one with The Rock, has Stephen Merchant and Julie Andrews, which counts for something. (full review 1/22)

The White Ribbon (Michael Haneke, 2009). Eerie events in the aforesaid village, a horror movie without any elements of genre. As a director Haneke isn’t like Werner Herzog at all, but there are things in here that are somehow reminiscent of early Herzog. I believe I am freaked out. (full review 1/29)