Movie Diary 1/26/2010

Edge of Darkness (Martin Campbell, 2010). That fellow with the leathery face and lengthening ears is Mel Gibson, back in his element after an extended layoff. A shrewd comeback vehicle too, and a more ambitious film than the trailers suggest. (full review 1/29)

Saint John of Las Vegas (Hue Rhodes, 2009). Strange little number with Steve Buscemi getting a welcome workout, with Romany Malco and Sarah Silverman underutilized in supporting roles. (Full review 2/12)

Strange Impersonation (Anthony Mann, 1946). A lulu of a plot device that anticipates Face/Off by a mile and a half, this extremely bizarre programmer by a future great director has Brenda Marshall as a brainy researcher tinkering with an experiment but undercut by her horrifying assistant (Hilary Brooke). The loony plot is handled as well as could be expected.

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