Movie Diary 1/27/2010

GOP Response (uncredited, 2010). I’m watching this response to the State of the Union speech as I write. Oddly enough – this might be hard to believe – but Fox News is repeating it. The Virginia governor is in the middle of the screen, but the four people artfully arranged behind him are also doing strong work: buzzcut Caucasian military guy in the lower left corner, professional black lady in the upper left, Asian professor type in the upper right, and the young white woman in the lower right, who is troubled about terrorists, sober about big government, and happy about Facebook references. It’s so like totally funny and everything when politicians say Facebook and Twitter! I thought the young white woman was the best at looking delighted and then sometimes real concerned, but it was hard to tell, because everybody was nodding so hard throughout the speech. I almost reached for the telephone to order the amazing product, but then I remembered this was a political speech.

I kid. This is a perversion of political discourse, to the extent that such a thing still exists. Bobby Jindal, all is forgiven.

When in Rome (Mark Steven Johnson, 2010). Four coins in the fountain, and there’s also a poker chip in there. Try putting that into a pop song. (full review 1/29)

District 13: Ultimatum (Patrick Alessandrin, 2009). It can’t be as good as the first one, but the two dudes from that movie are back, and Luc Besson is still throwing off plot ideas like fingernail clippings. (full review 2/5)