Movie Diary 3/1/2010

Brooklyn’s Finest (Antoine Fuqua, 2010). Definitely a Fuqua, I don’t think anybody could dispute that. Some of the tattered men aren’t bad, but forget it for the women. Wesley Snipes, where have you been? (Straight to video, apparently.) (full review 3/5)

Twice in a Lifetime (Bud Yorkin, 1985). Little made-in-Seattle indie, hadn’t seen it since it played at the Seattle International Film Festival when it came out. A good Gene Hackman performance amidst the very sincere material. Yorkin must be an interesting person – he’s been everywhere and worked with everybody.

Sorority Row (Stewart Hendler, 2009). Remake of The House on Sorority Row, keeping the opening prank-gone-bad premise, which is an awfully good way to start a picture. Goes downhill, in the direction of a buzzsaw, after that.