Movie Diary 3/24/2010

Hot Tub Time Machine (Steve Pink, 2010). I never thought I’d hear myself saying that a movie needed more Eighties jokes – and I never want to say it again. (full review 3/26)

Vincere (Marco Bellochio, 2009). Il Duce as seen by Mussolini’s mistress, and as filtered through images on screens; the amply-named Giovanna Mezzogiorno, from Facing Windows and Last Kiss, plays the woman in question. (full review 4/2)

Micmacs (Jean Pierre Jeunet, 2009). This will be very popular with the furrin film goer. (full review 5/??)

Please Give (Nicole Holofcener, 2010). Big able cast, plus Holofcener’s willingness to create truly mortifying situations and jokes, which at times is downright Baumbach-like.