Movie Diary 4/8/2010

Exit Through the Gift Shop (Banksy, 2010). When you despise graffiti in all its forms, it makes it difficult to admire the mysterious street artist Bansky, which is further complicated by the fact that he’s sort of glorious. I don’t know what this movie is – it purports to be a documentary about the graffiti-art scene, but as far as I know half of it is made up. I promise I will find out before I actually have to write a review. Amusing, though. (full review 4/23)

Kick-Ass (Matthew Vaughn, 2010). If you could just get rid of the cutesy song cues, this movie would be half as much better. There are some pretty damn funny sights in it, though, amoral and narratively berserk as it is. (full review 4/16)