Movie Diary 6/8/2010

The A-Team (Joe Carnahan, 2010). The usual Merchant Ivory crap. (full review 6/11)

Miss Nobody (T. Abram Cox, 2010). American indie with a black comedy vibe, notable for rounding up some top-notch actors in its ranks – some of whom are around just long enough to be dispatched, Kind Hearts and Coronets style. (screens at Seattle International Film Festival – world premiere – 6/10, 6/12)

Living in Emergency (Mark Hopkins, 2010). Admirable study of some of the physicians involved in Doctors Without Borders, with an emphasis on how grueling the work is for them. This probably couldn’t help but be depressing, and it is, though it gives a concrete shape to a program that might have seemed mysterious. (full review 6/11)

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