Movie Diary 6/15/2010

Toy Story 3 (Lee Unkrich, 2010). (full review 6/17)

Vengeance (Johnnie To, 2009). Johnny Hallyday holds down the center of an ensemble film, which clicks together very neatly indeed.

Ondine (Neil Jordan, 2009). Right in Neil Jordan’s zone – maybe too exactly in Jordan’s zone – but this Irish fairyland tale leaves a very pleasant afterglow, and Colin Farrell acquits himself well. (full review 6/18)

The City of Your Final Destination (James Ivory, 2009). The literacy rate is high and the locations are tasty, but the hand on the till is slack in this indifferently-cast Merchant Ivory production. (full review 6/18)

Gravity (Maximilian Erlenwein, 2009). Some promising moments in the German comedy-drama about a bank officer who loses his grip after a bankrupt client commits suicide in his office; awash in blue-gray colors and uneven tone.

Morning Departure (Roy Baker, 1950). British submarine picture, with John Mills and Richard Attenborough leading the cast. All the usual submarine conventions, which is good, and an eerie fade-out.