The Airbender Twilight Inside Me (Weekly Links)

The Killer Inside Me

Reviews I wrote for the Herald this week.

Eclipse. “A near-standstill.”

The Last Airbender. “A truly anonymous venture.”

The Killer Inside Me. “The deranging effects of leading a false life.”

Cyrus. “Has to be marked a missed opportunity.”

OSS 117: Lost in Rio. “So gloriously stupid.”

Harry Brown. “Life as a corner of Dante’s Inferno.”

And on KUOW’s “Weekday,” I talk with Steve Scher and some callers about the theater-going experience vs. just staying at home and watching a movie without having somebody behind you spit out their Sprite (call it a Sprite-take) all over you. The talk is here; the movie bit kicks in around 14:30.