The Airbender Twilight Inside Me (Weekly Links)

The Killer Inside Me

Reviews I wrote for the Herald this week.

Eclipse. “A near-standstill.”

The Last Airbender. “A truly anonymous venture.”

The Killer Inside Me. “The deranging effects of leading a false life.”

Cyrus. “Has to be marked a missed opportunity.”

OSS 117: Lost in Rio. “So gloriously stupid.”

Harry Brown. “Life as a corner of Dante’s Inferno.”

And on KUOW’s “Weekday,” I talk with Steve Scher and some callers about the theater-going experience vs. just staying at home and watching a movie without having somebody behind you spit out their Sprite (call it a Sprite-take) all over you. The talk is here; the movie bit kicks in around 14:30.

One Response

  1. I don’t disagree with your assessment of “Cyrus”, but I enjoyed the shit out of it, nonetheless. I’m a sucker for John C. Reilly.

    It’s funny that you mention in your review that viewers expecting another “Get Him to the Greek” will be disappointed. After the lights went up, the group of guys next to me in the theater were bummed that “Cyrus” wasn’t more like “Step Brothers.”

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