Movie Diary 7/7/2010

Predators (Nimrod Antal, 2010). Definitely traces of producer Robert Rodriguez here, to good end. Some pretty tough cast members. And there are predators. (full review 7/9)

Johanna (Kornel Mundruczo, 2005). Hungarian film, a Cannes 2005 leftover getting a small release. An all-singing variation on Joan of Arc, set in the dingiest hospital since The Kingdom. Strange vagaries of film distibution: this film’s excellent star, a blond actress with the Karloffian name Orsi Toth, also stars in another movie opening in Seattle this weekend; see below. (full review 7/9)

Women Without Men (Shirin Neshat, 2009). The stories of four women in Iran at the moment of the notorious coup d’etat in 1953, suggesting that women had a grisly time before and after the event – their bodies and spirits at the mercy of men in both cases. (full review 7/9)