Movie Diary 7/21/2010

Salt (Philip Noyce, 2010). Angelina Jolie beating blond chase ledge freeway trucks bomb chase brunette Russians guns punch shoot chase tanker grenades nukes spidervenom chase helicopter Potomac snow Angelina Jolie. (full review 7/23)

Eccentricities of a Blond-Hair Girl (Manoel de Oliveira, 2009). The director’s 101 years old, I think he can get away with making a 60-minute film. And this one is definitive from the first moment to the last, a very droll little offering that nods more than once in the direction of Luis Buñuel. (full review 7/23)

Bell Book and Candle (Richard Quine, 1958). Aside from its general appeal, this has tasty design artifacts from the late Eisenhower era, plus Kim Novak winning the day by underplaying next to the fairly broad clowning by James Stewart, Jack Lemmon, Elsa Lanchester, and Ernie Kovacs. It’s about witches.