Movie Diary 7/28/2010

Dinner for Schmucks (Jay Roach, 2010). Nobody says the word “schmuck” in the course of the movie. But somebody thought it was better than “idiot” or “moron” for the title? So it’s the theory of the hard “k” sound in comedy? Another thing: I wonder why so few films seem to be catching the mood of public outrage in the wake of Wall Street buccaneers and BP bespoilers; this movie has some corporate jerks just ripe for eviscerating, perfect opportunity for something like that, but nobody really closes the deal. Let it rip, for god’s sakes. We would all like that. Another thing: Carell and Rudd do their stuff, and Galifianakis is an extended cameo, but there is a nice big role here for Jemaine Clement – who is splendid, even if his turn in Gentlemen Broncos remains hard to beat. (full review 7/30)