Movie Diary 8/5/2010

The Last Exorcism (Daniel Stamm, 2010). Since the only things that really kind of scare me at movies are demonic possession and crazy people, this was totally not a cool thing to lay on me on a nice summer night. (Nor was the preface by Eli Roth, who asked the audience to tweet their approval over Twitter.) The whole [Rec]-style videocam point-of-view thing should be getting old by now, but it does have its claustrophobic uses, and anyway it’s about Satanic possession. Also some nice use of rural daylit creepiness and a righteous lead performance by veteran TV actor Patrick Fabian. (full review 8/27)

The Other Guys (Adam McKay, 2010). Enough classic moments from Will Ferrell to erase the memory of Semi-Pro and Land of the Lost, if they hadn’t been erased already. (full review 8/6)

Great Directors (Angela Ismailos, 2009). So all you have to do is videotape a bunch of filmmakers and cut it together with some clips and you get a movie released? Well, hell. (full review 8/6)