Movie Diary 8/16/2010

Centurion (Neil Marshall, 2010). Yes sir, I think we may have something here. You would need Joe Bob Briggs to catalog the mayhem and bodily mortification on view in this film, but it certainly all hurtles along, and Michael Fassbender is convincing as another inglourious basterd. (full review 8/27)

Beach Red (Cornel Wilde, 1967) and The Naked Prey (Cornel Wilde, 1966). Yes, the weekend’s viewing was not lacking in blood and guts (see above). I had never seen Beach Red, but it is a truly intense experience, a weird combination of sincerity, amateurishness, passion, a real eye for detail, and vintage ’67 mannerisms. Both Saving Private Ryan and The Thin Red Line seem to owe it something. Long-ago memories of The Naked Prey are confirmed by another viewing – this may be one of the worst of all movies to see in childhood, because its astonishments really haunt. Wilde must’ve been some kind of interesting dude.

Lottery Ticket (Erik White, 2010). Bow Wow buys the winning lottery ticket, but must wait to cash it in. Some reliable players (and by that I mean actors) in the cast, in another example of producer Ice Cube’s ongoing respect-your-‘hood project. (full review 8/20)