Movie Diary 10/6/2010

Sleep Furiously (Gideon Koppel, 2009). Scenes from a Welsh village, trundled out in pleasingly non-narrative fashion, connected by regular visits from the mobile library. Along with Sweetgrass, another excellent documentary with sheep. (full review 10/8)

Houdini (George Marshall, 1953). Tony Curtis as Houdini, Janet Leigh as Mrs. Houdini, in a series of scenes that seem rather suspect.

The Freebie (Katie Aselton, 2010). The co-star of The Puffy Chair directs herself (and goofy Dax Shepard) in an improvvy tale of marital staleness. (full review 10/8)

The Innocents (Jack Clayton, 1961). One of those semi-classics that really doesn’t age all that well. Clayton liked to hit things right on the head, boy.