Movie Diary 10/11/2010

Beggars of Life (William Wellman, 1928). Silent series at the Paramount Theatre. Louise Brooks, just before going to Germany, riding the rails with Richard Arlen and confronting hobo chieftain Wallace Beery. Begins with a highly unusual sequence involving a corpse at a breakfast table, although the story bogs down with Beery’s kangaroo court. Wellman jumped the freights again in more exciting fashion with Wild Boys of the Road three years later.

Stone (John Curran, 2010). The face-off of Acting comes between Robert De Niro and Edward Norton, spending their scenes together in the same office; Milla Jovovich looks as though she’s been waiting to do something like this for a long time. (full review 10/15)

World Without End (Edward Bernds, 1956). It’s 2-for1 day at Scarecrow and I have the movie I need to watch and so I’m looking for something to add to the rental, and I remember reading something somewhere that suggested that this sci-fi cheapie might be worth a look for some reason. Around the time the giant rubber spider flops out of the cave wall, loftier hopes for this picture were fading. The crew of a spaceship hits the time-space continuum, lands on Earth a few hundred years in the future, and finds a world where humans live underground in clean chambers, while cyclopian cavemen lope around above. Rod Taylor and Hugh Marlowe are in it.


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