Movie Diary 10/14/2010

Megamind (Tom McGuire, 2010). Hmm, all three films today about misunderstood criminals. This 3-D cartoon is by far the fastest and funniest of the trio, not that the others have death rays and alligator pits. So it’s really no contest. (full review 11/5)

Conviction (Tony Goldwyn, 2010). True story, woman becomes lawyer, pursues case against her brother’s murder conviction. Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell lead the cast, in the sort of movie that leads one to think that Rockwell may get a few of the mainstream huzzahs he’s been deserving for quite a while. (full review 10/22)

The Next Three Days (Paul Haggis, 2010). Russell Crowe working a very elaborate scheme to bring home jailed wife Elizabeth Banks. Unusual subject for Haggis, anyway. (full review 11/19)