Movie Diary 10/19/2010

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (Daniel Alfredson, 2009). Pretty much in line with the first couple of blunt-edge movies in the series, with the exception that Noomi Rapace is left without much to do in this case. The books must be better than this. (full review 10/29)

Inside Job (Charles Ferguson, 2010). How the financial meltdown melted down, complete with a roster of crooks who make pirates look civilized. Second movie this week improved by the eerily calm presence of Matt Damon (here, as offscreen narrator). (full review 10/29)

I Am Secretly an Important Man (Peter Sillen, 2010). Probably the best screen bio you’ll ever get of Steven Jesse Bernstein, a Seattle post-Beat pre-grunge semi-legend poet. (full review 10/22)