Movie Diary 10/28/2010

Hue and Cry (Charles Crichton, 1947). Neat movie from the beginning of the Ealing comedy run, about post-war ragamuffins banding together to unplug a crime syndicate. Scenes shot in the rubble-filled streets are remarkable. Wes Anderson must love this movie.

Tamara Drewe (Stephen Frears, 2010). The rough outline of Far From the Madding Crowd makes a peculiar match with a 21st-century setting, though the movie is full of interesting actors. (full review 11/5)

My Dog Tulip (Paul & Sandra Fierlinger, 2009). Full of excrement scenes and canine fornication, this movie will be beloved by dog enthusiasts. Others stand a good chance of finding it one of the weirdest things they have ever seen. The animation’s clever and well-judged. (full review 11/5)

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