Movie Diary 12/2/2010

Rabbit Hole (John Cameron Mitchell, 2010). Good things from Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart, and a kid named Miles Teller, of whom you will be hearing a great deal, deservedly. The film itself examines grief and its tentacles. (full review 12/25)

Leaving (Catherine Corsini, 2009). There’s something almost skeletal about this Bovary-inspired romantic triangle, even if all the ideas are in the right place. Kristin Scott Thomas plays the woman in the equation, and she’s superb. (full review 12/3)

Man Zou (Jason Reid, 2010). Some dudes from Seattle set out on a 1,000-mile bicycle ride from Beijing to Shanghai, a smoggy journey made pleasurable by the sharp photography and the ingratiating personalities. Shows in the “Reel NW” series in Seattle channel 9’s series of locally-made films.