Movie Diary 12/13/2010

Tron: Legacy (Joseph Kosinski, 2010). I guess this is the title; the only thing the movie itself says is Tron, in big letters. I never did get the principle at work in the Tronworld; it’s all code and bytes, but it comes down to a fistfight? (full review 12/17)

Queen of the Lot (Henry Jaglom, 2010). Oh Henry Jaglom. Years ago I couldn’t stand your movies; today your sheer resilience and longevity has worn me down to the point where I find myself perversely curious to see what the hell you’re going to come up with now. It’s even got to where I’m the only person in the screening room, as I was today, but somehow that fits, too. I don’t know what this movie is, but it is certainly Jaglom from first moment to last. (full review 12/17)

Yogi Bear (Eric Brevig, 2010). Given the elements at hand, probably the best you could do with this. Raging environmental diatribe (the Endangered Species Act saves the day! Hell yeah!). Some good people in it, too, including Anna Faris and the increasingly awesome Andrew Daly. (full review 12/17)

Today’s Eighties movie over at What a Feeling!: Uforia.