Movie Diary 12/14/2010

True Grit (Joel and Ethan Coen, 2010). Like. (full review 12/22)

Fingerprints Don’t Lie (Sam Newfield, 1951). You like film noir, you’re willing to take a look at almost anything. It might be a hidden gem, and even it it’s not, the generic constants will provide some ballast. But hoo boy, this one’s a test: a fingerprints expert questions an apparently airtight case against an accused murderer, but his path is blocked by the hapless ineptitude of the filmmakers. Sid Melton is the comic relief, Tom (Detour) Neal is a prosecutor in the opening scene. The musical score is played on the organ (could this have been based on a radio series?), which pretty much rounds off the vibe.

Another Eighties movie added over at What a Feeling!: Nijinsky.