Movie Diary 12/22/2010

The trade paperback of Rotten (first six issues) is finally – finally – out this week. Hie thee to the nearest comic book shop, or, if you must, order it online. You could start at the publisher’s website: Moonstone. Noodle around at the Rotten tab above for more information and links.

The 2010 Critics Wrap (an annual panel of Seattle film critics sorting through the year’s best movies), held at the Frye Art Museum last week, will be broadcast in a one-hour format on the Seattle Channel (channel 21 hereabouts) beginning Thursday night at 11 p.m.; you can also watch it online after it debuts. The schedule is here.

Today’s Eighties movie at my other website, What a Feeling!, a growing thicket of 1980s movie-ness: Ernest Saves Christmas. I am sorry; you go to battle with the decade you have, not the decade you want.

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