Movie Diary 1/27/2011

The Eagle (Kevin Macdonald, 2011). Yet another grimy tale of Romans and Britons and Hadrian’s Wall; here, Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell exchange many charged glances as centurion and barbarian. (full review 2/14)

I Am (Tom Shadyac, 2010). The director of Ace Ventura sustains a serious concussion, questions the meaning of life, and makes a movie out of it. For all the weighty issues at hand, it’s good to know Shadyac still has the slapstick jones to include a montage of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” wipe-outs. (full review 2/?)

The Eighties stuff continues at my other website, What a Feeling!: see vintage reviews of Coup de Torchon, Harlem Nights, and Death Wish 4, which share nothing but a decade. And the love of the people, of course.