Movie Diary 2/22/2011

Hall Pass (Peter and Bobby Farrelly, 2011). This isn’t 1998 anymore, and the Farrellys have got some catching up to do (translation: the sound of someone having a gastric emergency is no longer enough, and the Farrellys know it, so when a party girl in Hall Pass mentions that her stomach is gurgling, be ready for the worst). A scene in a gym changing room also goes there, in a way that makes me pray no unsuspecting parents will accompany their adolescent children to this R-rated film. The movie has another good final line and cut to black (just as the F-brothers did with The Heartbreak Kid), although the obligatory end-credits extras tend to blunt the rightness of an ending these days. In other news, the long-developing project about The Three Stooges – the Farrellys’ Other Side of the Wind – is supposedly set for next year. (full review 2/25)

At my other website, What a Feeling!, a moment for a needlessly obscure (in the U.S., anyway) French comedy: Life is a Long Quiet River.