Movie Diary 2/24/2011

Lost Boys: The Thirst (Dario Piana, 2010). Corey Feldman top-lines a direct-to-DVD sequel to the 1987 original. While not to be confused with The King’s Speech, it is also not as bad as it sounds.

The Human Resources Manager (Eran Riklis, 2010). An irresistible plot from the director of the excellent Syrian Bride and Lemon Tree, about a very reluctant middle-management guy (see title) stuck with handling the sudden death of an employee he didn’t know after she is killed in a suicide bombing. Plays in the 2011 Seattle Jewish Film Festival.

At my other website, What a Feeling!, a first impression of An American Werewolf in London, plus a decidedly lesser horror offering, Night Visitor, which features Allen Garfield and Michael J. Pollard as sibling Satanists.