Bridesmaids Must Go (Weekly Links)

Kristen Wiig: Oscar-nomination-worthy

Links to reviews I wrote for the Herald this week, and etc.:

Bridesmaids. “Wiig is inspired.”

Everything Must Go. “A laid-back sort of protest against the world.”

Hesher. “A big, whopping metaphor that walks and talks.”

Le Quattro Volte. “That single 10-minute sequence qualifies as a classic.”

Forks Over Knives. “The new asparagus is looking pretty good right now.”

On KUOW’s “Weekday,” I talk with Steve Scher about women in film today, and whether movies such as The Beaver, Meek’s Cutoff, and Bridesmaids might be different because of the female eye. It’s archived here; the movie bit kicks in at the 15:30 mark.

At my other website, What a Feeling!, a week of John Hughes’ teen movies concludes with a review of Some Kind of Wonderful.

And if you’re on San Juan Island Saturday night, drop by the library for my talk, “Alien Encounters: Sci-Fi Movies and the Cold War Culture of the 1950s,” sponsored by Humanities Washington. It’s at the San Juan Island Library in Friday Harbor, at 7 p.m., and it’s free. More info here.