Movie Diary 5/25/2011

Incendies (Denis Villeneuve, 2010). Harrowing multi-generational story of how Middle East cycles of violence create monsters of Greek-tragic proportions. An Oscar nominee from Canada, and not without contrivance. (full review 5/27)

L’amour fou (Pierre Thoretton, 2010). Docu-portrait of Yves Saint Laurent. Nobody said this film-reviewing job would be easy. (Decent character study, actually.) (full review 5/27)

Killing Bono (Nick Hamm, 2011). The Pete Best syndrome in play, with the true tale of Neil McCormack, whose special hell it was to be a rock and roll dreamer who watched in wonder/horror as his schoolmates took and band to the stratosphere – that would be U2 – and he stayed where he always was. Spirited turn by Ben Barnes in the lead. (Screens in the Seattle International Film Festival)

At What a Feeling!, we continue a week of Woody Allen’s 1980s pictures with reviews of Broadway Danny Rose and The Purple Rose of Cairo.