Movie Diary 8/8/2011

Road to Nowhere (Monte Hellman, 2010). Director lays off making feature films for twenty years, then comes back and lays down more moviemaking finesse in the first ten minutes than most recent movies can summon up at all. Overall, an interesting stab at something. (full review 8/12)

Outside the Law (Rachid Bouchareb, 2010). A follow-up film to Days of Glory, this time a straight-ahead story of Algerian rebels fighting the French in the 1950s, and the toll it takes. Great casting of the three central actors, and even if the blows land where you expect them to, the situation has a lot of punch.

At What a Feeling!, hop aboard for a review of Quicksilver, the Kevin Bacon picture that did for bicycle messengers what Cocktail did for bartenders, or something like that.