Our Idiot Future (Weekly Links)

Bros, if not brothers: Adam Scott, Paul Rudd

Links to movies I reviewed for the Herald this week, and etc.

Our Idiot Brother. “A passing grade just for allowing Paul Rudd to do his thing in an extended way.”

The Future. “Beyond skeptical; it’s practically morose.”

Griff the Invisible. “More interested in a couple of outsiders finding each other than another tale of empowerment-by-cape-and-mask.”

On KUOW’s “Weekday,” I talk with Marcie Sillman about the movie summer of 2011, in which apes run amok in the tree of life. It’s archived here; the movie bit kicks in at the 14:15 mark.

At What a Feeling!, we close out the week of 1980s reviews with Richard Donner’s Lethal Weapon, as slick a piece of action-movie engineering as ever took a breath of air.