Movie Diary 11/16/2011

The Descendants (Alexander Payne, 2011). A very soft touch given to a couple of weeks or so in the life of a Hawaii family. George Clooney provides a lesson in what a movie star means to a film. (full review 11/23)

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (Bill Condon, 2011). Or possibly just Breaking Dawn – Part 1, as the opening credit has it. Condon was a cool choice, and the picture has a grisly appetite (it also resembles an actual movie from time to time, which hasn’t happened since the first installment). But sheez, overall it’s weird. (full review 11/18)

And What a Feeling! recalls those halcyon days of the early career of Chris Columbus, with a review of Adventures in Babysitting from 1987.