Movie Diary 12/5/2011

A Dangerous Method (David Cronenberg, 2011). Clean, focused, sometimes shivery. Sometimes a cigar is exactly a cigar and at the same time isn’t. Along with everything else, Viggo Mortensen gives a superb vocal performance. (full review 12/23)

Sleeping Beauty (Julia Leigh, 2011). If this is faux-Cronenberg, I’ll stick with the real thing. It does make Shame look better by comparison. (full review 12/9)

New Year’s Eve (Garry Marshall, 2011). And what if Cronenberg had directed this, and Garry Marshall made A Dangerous Method? Better not to think of either possibility. Tech note: another example of the price we’re going to pay with digital shooting/projection: flat light, yellow faces, day-glo hues interrupting quiet scenes. (full review 12/9)

At What a Feeling!, we’ve got one more Ken Russell picture from the Eighties: The Rainbow, an insufficient companion piece to Women in Love.