Movie Diary 12/26/2011

Gunga Din (George Stevens, 1939). Best wishes for the holidays. And as an aside: “Kill in the name of killing! Kill in the name of Kali! Kill! Kill! Kill!” But I hope everybody had a merry Christmas.

Brother Orchid (Lloyd Bacon, 1940). I wonder why I never watched this in the days when the local indie TV station had a big Warner Bros. package they broadcast over and over – maybe it was the dreaded phrase “gangster comedy” that put me off. Edward G. Robinson is the main reason to see it, although Ann Sothern has some fun as the moll; Bogart is stuck in one of those parts he was stuck in before High Sierra.

At What a Feeling!, an Eighties title I have mixed feelings about: John Schlesinger’s The Falcon and the Snowman, with Timothy Hutton and Sean Penn.