Honey Pariah (Weekly Links)

Marjanovic, Kostic: Blood and Honey

Links to reviews I wrote for the Herald, and etc.:

In the Land of Blood and Honey. “The toll that war takes on the bodies of women.”

Pariah. “Makes the movie look like a dream the main character might be having.”

Tomboy. “We must infer what we can about this gender-confusion masquerade.”

On KUOW’s “Weekday,” hosted by Steve Scher, we highlight a batch of movies you might have overlooked in 2011; among them, Xavier Beauvois’ Of Gods and Men, Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block, and Malcolm Venville’s Henry’s Crime. Talk is archived here; the filmic conversation begins at the 25:30 mark.

Next Wednesday night, Jan. 11, I’ll be talking at a Humanities Washington “Think and Drink” event, at 7 p.m. at the Naked City Brewery in Greenwood; link is here. Subject is “Alien Encounters,” the look at flying saucer pictures of the 1950s (and the recent resurgence of alien-invasion titles). A  bit of an interview with the speaker can be found here.

And next Friday, Jan. 13, the Northwest Film Forum hosts “Framing Pictures,” a movie-talk panel, at 5 p.m., free. I am one of the talkers, along with NWFF program director Adam Sekular and sometime film critic Bruce Reid.

The season of KCTS-9’s Reel NW has concluded, but you can still watch some of the Northwest-generated movies online, and various interviews and blogposts I did remain posted.

At What a Feeling!, we roll back to the Eighties with reviews of Tom Holland’s Fatal Beauty and Bob Giraldi’s Hiding Out (the latter with some interview-ese from 22-year-old Jon Cryer).


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